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"...resulting in one of my favorite reads ever. In his book, 26 Absurdities of Tragic Proportions, Mr. Woodruff uses one particular work of Edward Gorey...In his mystifying short story book, Matthew elaborates on that brief sentence and continues to do so all the way from 'A' to 'Z'. I think it was a true work of artistry for the author to take 26 itty-bitty yarns and spin them into one spectacular, albeit grim, multicolored blanket with which to cover oneself on a cold night. From Amy's stumble down the steps to Zillian's death by gin, I couldn't read these tales fast enough, and now I am greatly saddened that it has all ended...One will be glad to know that perhaps 98% of the content of the tales was the lead-up with the final 2% being the actual denouement. To me, ironically, this is what really made the tales come alive...With every story, I was astonished as to how the author could take one little line and make a full-fledged, sometimes intricate, tale from it. Amazingly, I found myself laughing almost as frequently as I sobbed, which is really saying something about Mr. Woodruff's genius."

"Detailing every behind the scenes misadventure of Gorey's small fry, “26 Absurdities” is darkly funny, and will appeal to those who see comedy in the darker side of life. "

"Marvelous book. Highly recommended. Quite the imaginative tales. Edward Gorey would be proud."

"Matt's stories tell the behind the scenes adventure (or should I say misadventure) for each child in Gorey's picture book. I found the writing to be engaging, entertaining, and macabrely funny. A definite acquisition for readers who enjoy dark humor."
"Witty, dark humor. Well written and engaging. Highly recommended! This series of stories is a
light look at the dark side of life."