Every Book is First Judged by its Cover!

Your new masterpiece is ready to be sent out into the world, but wait - your book cover design skills are somewhat lacking (maybe?)

What is the world's next great author to do?

Look no further- I can help.

As an Indie Author myself, I have had to put my design and production skills to work.

(Southern Polytechnic State University - certificate - 2002)

Take a look at my portfoilo HERE and then decide if you need my help.

And I am going to tell you my pricing up front - for a simple design such as I'm best at I charge $119.00 (includes upto 2 fully licensed stock photos). 

Satisfaction Guaranteed. It isn't done until you say it is done

- and I promise to have the first draft to you in 3 days.

I provide the full paperback cover and E-book cover.

$119.00  3-day Turnaround  Guaranteed!

EMAIL ME to start the ball rolling!