About Matthew:

Matthew was named 'Author of the Month' by Self Publishers Showcase for September, 2018.
A native New Yorker, Matt is now on staff at UF in Gainesville, FL. Matt is an award winning magazine  features writer, editor and publisher.  Matthew's vision of the world around us - seen in his dark humor and dark fiction works - is unique and not to be missed.

'Genius', 'Spectacular' and 'A True Work of Artistry'
This is an entertaining and humorously macabre collection of short tales inspired by the famous illustrations in Edward Gorey's 'Gashlycrumb Tinies'. From Mystery to SciFi, from Drama to Fairy Tale and from Adventure to Gothic, this book has something for everyone. These 26 tales tell of the misadventures of the children in Gorey's famous illustrations. You will laugh, hope and fall in love with these children. Imminently enjoyable! The imagery presented will stay with the reader long past the time the book is finally set down.

Click on the cover to read the story of Leo when he visits the museum.

Ranked #3 (6/29/18) on Amazon in Hot New Releases - Dark Humor
Ranked #8  (6/29/19) on Amazon in Cultural, Ethnic & Regional Humor
Ranked #21 (6/29/19) on Amazon in Parodies
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Finalist Award for Best Short Stories - American Book Fest 8/1/19